Colombia undermines Ecuadoran government

BOGOTA: Ecuador's President Rafael Correa accused Colombia's intelligence services in an interview published Sunday of trying to undermine his government by linking it to the country's largest leftist guerrilla group.

Correa denied Colombian allegations that the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) had provided funds for his 2006 presidential campaign or that Ecuador has provided logistical support to the guerrilla group.

"The Colombian intelligence services are very good. They know that President Correa and his government are not linked to the FARC. But it is a geopolitical matter, an attempt to undermine a government of another political leaning," he told the Bogota newspaper El Tiempo.

Colombian officials said last month they have video showing the FARC's military chief, Jorge Briceno, telling fellow rebels that the group contributed money to the Correa campaign.

Police said they found the video on a computer belonging to Adela Perez, a FARC guerrilla captured May 29 in Bogota, a police source told AFP. An official in Colombia's prosecutors' office confirmed the account.

But Correa contended that the allegations were an attempt by Colombia to justify a cross-border raid in March 2008 on a rebel encampment inside Ecuador that killed the FARC's leader, Raul Reyes.

"To justify that treacherous bombing, they want to make us look like friends of the FARC," said Correa.

The attack sent regional tensions soaring and led to a rupture in relations between Colombia and Ecuador.