Google to provide $150M to promote vaccine education, equitable access

KATHMANDU: Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced on Monday that the technology company will provide $150M to promote vaccine education and equitable access.

The company will further open up their spaces for vaccination sites as needed and make it easier to locate when and where to get a vaacine on their search engine and maps, Pichai added.

"To help find accurate and timely information on vaccines, we’ve expanded our information panels on Search to more than 40 countries and dozens of languages, with more rolling out in the coming week," Google CEO said in a blog statement uploaded today.

Google will further begin showing state and regional distribution information on search so that people can easily find when they are eligible to receive a vaccine. "Soon we’ll launch a “Get The Facts'' initiative across Google and YouTube to get authoritative information out to the public about vaccines. "

Google will also make it facilities such as buildings, parking lots and open spaces available as needed for vaccination efforts. "These sites will be open to anyone eligible for the vaccine based on state and local guidelines."