Hamburgers might be on the menu for Russian astronauts

MOSCOW: Hamburgers could soon be debuting on Russian menus in space.

The Russian research institute responsible for designing meals for the country's astronauts said Thursday it was not opposed to adding the American fast-food staple to their menus.

Alexander Agureyev, who oversees catering for the International Space Station at the Russian Academy of Sciences, said proposals to change space menus have been plentiful since space food began to be mass produced in 2011.

Astronauts' menus are generally made up of refrigerated, dehydrated and canned foods with long shelf lives.

While a variety of ethnic and fast foods ranging from hamburgers to chicken teriyaki are currently available on menus for American astronauts, the menu for Russian cosmonauts has generally featured more traditional fare such as borscht, cottage cheese and caviar.