Headway claimed in Pak car bomb attack probe

Associated Press

Quetta, May 4:

Police in Pakistan said today they were making progress in an investigation into a car bomb attack in a remote Pakistani port in which three Chinese engineers were killed. No group or individual has been named as a suspect in yesterday’s bombing in Gawadar, a small town on the Arabian Sea. The three Chinese engineers were killed and nine others were wounded when an explosives-laden car blew up near a bus that was driving them to work. Two Pakistanis, the bus driver and a security guard, were also injured.

Shoaib Suddle, the chief of police in Baluchistan province where Gawadar is located, said investigators were making headway. “We have reached close to the real suspects and a lot of progress has been made,” Suddle said from Gawadar. Suddle has said the explosion was carried out by remote control. Police officials said yesterday that the car used in the attack had been stolen in Karachi. The police chief did not name any suspects. “I don’t want to speculate on the matter until we arrest somebody,” he said. Police questioned 13 people, including local fishermen, but didn’t detain anyone. Police have described the explosion as a terrorist attack aimed at scaring the Chinese away.