Jaishankar speaks

Kathmandu, August 24

India’s foreign Secretary S Jaishankar today said India’s position was clear and consistent that efforts should be made to take all sections on board the constitution implementation process and in establishing Nepal as a federal democratic republic.

He said this in response to a journalist’s query at a press conference organised by India’s Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi.

According to audio visual details of the press conference posted on the MEA website, Jaishankar said, “In terms of where Nepal is going, at what speed they are going and how they hope to go forward is clearly a judgment that the  leadership of Nepal has to make. But from our side, as a neighbour we wish them well. We would like to see stability, we would like to see harmony,  we would like  prosperity and economic activity and we  feel that if there is a broad consensus on this issue, it will help in that direction. Beyond that I do not think it will be right for us to comment on that.”