Landslide kills 37 in Indonesia

Associated Press

Jakarta, April 24:

A rain-triggered landslide smashed into a bus on Indonesia’s Sumatra island, killing at least 37 passengers and leaving six others buried under tons of mud, officials said today. Scores of rescue workers were digging with spades and hoes in an attempt to unearth survivors from the bus, which was almost entirely covered, said police Sgt Satria Dinata. The bus was hit late yesterday as it travelled from Medan, the capital of North Sumatra province, to Pasaman town during a heavy rainstorm, Dinata said.

Rescuers had recovered 37 bodies from the scene, said Sgt Ronnie Hamdani. Six other people were still buried, he said, adding that 14 were injured. Police said a mechanical digger was on the way to the site of the accident, but that chances were slim of finding anyone alive.Thirty-five bodies were taken to the nearby Yarsi Hospital, said nurse Genti Mar. Worried families crowded the building looking for loved ones in the morgue, said Mar. Police earlier said 12 passengers has been killed and 16 were still buried.