LONDON: A 25-year-old Scottish woman who lay injured in her crashed car for three days because police failed to respond to an accident report has died. Lamara Bell's family says she died in a Glasgow hospital on Sunday, a week after the accident. She was found on Wednesday beside her dead boyfriend John Yuill in a car that had slid down an embankment near the city of Stirling in central Scotland. Police say the accident was reported, but officers were not sent to the scene until a second call three days later. Police Scotland Chief Constable Stephen House has apologised, saying police "failed both families." Scottish politicians are calling for an inquiry into how the mistake happened and whether it is connected to police reorganisation and budget cuts.
Fire in nursing home
MADRID: A fire swept through a nursing home on Sunday outside Spain's northeastern city of Zaragoza, killing eight elderly residents and injuring 12 other people. Regional Interior Ministry spokesman Gustavo Alcalde said 11 residents of the home and one of its caretakers were hospitalised. He said the cause of the fire was being investigated. One man with serious burns was in critical condition in the intensive care unit of a local hospital, regional health spokesman Sebastian Celeya said, adding the others were suffering from smoke inhalation.
Bali airport reopens
DENPASAR: The airport on the Indonesian resort island of Bali reopened on Sunday after an erupting volcano forced its closure for the second time in just a few days and caused fresh travel misery for stranded holidaymakers. Mount Raung on Indonesia's main island of Java has been erupting for weeks, and on Thursday a cloud of drifting ash forced the closure of Bali airport during peak holiday season, and four others. The airport on the resort island reopened two days later as the ash drifted away, allowing some passengers to board flights home and others to arrive. However the cloud returned on Sunday morning, forcing authorities to shut the airport again. But the new closure lasted just a few hours and the airport was reopened in the afternoon as the ash shifted, the government said.
12 killed in blast
KABUL: At least 12 Afghan civilians have been killed in a pair of roadside bomb explosions in the country's east and north. Ten civilians were killed on Sunday after their van hit by a newly planted roadside bomb in Kapisa province. In Kunduz province, two civilians were killed in a blast targeting police vehicle.