Pakistan rescues US, Finnish mountain climbers by helicopter

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's military said Sunday that an army helicopter rescued two mountain climbers, an American and a Finn, who were stranded on a peak in the country's north.

The brief military statement said the climbers, Donald Allen Bowie of the US and Lotta Henriikka Nakyva of Finland, were stranded during the ascent “due to sickness," without elaborating.

The two climbers were part of a winter expedition to the 26,000-foot (8,000-meter) Broad Peak, the world’s 12th highest mountain. It's located in the Karakoram range on the border of Pakistan, India and China. The Karakoram range is among a complex of ranges including the Himalayas.

Broad Peak is located around 6 miles (10 kilometres) from K2 mountain, the second highest peak in the world.

In March, an Italian and a British climber died on Pakistan's Nanga Parbat, known as “Killer Mountain” because of its dangerous conditions.