Shiv Sena hits out at ‘Delhiwala’ SRK, Jaya

Mumbai, September 9:

The Shiv Sena today criticised superstar Shah Rukh Khan for calling himself a “Delhiwala” even as it lashed out against actress Jaya Bachchan for speaking in Hindi instead of Marathi.

An editorial in the party mouthpiece Saamna slammed Shah Rukh, who made it big in Mumbai but had once said that he was a “Delhiwala”. “If that is so, then why does he not go back to Delhi?” the editorial asked.

Criticising Jaya for wanting to speak in Hindi, it expressed dismay at the manner in which people who build their careers and earn fame in Maharashtra suddenly remember their native states.

“When they come here, they are non-entities and do not even have a roof on their heads. It is the people of this state who accept them with open arms,” the Saamna pointed out.

However, after they reach the pinnacle of professional and personal successes, these individuals suddenly seem to disown the state and its people and speak of themselves as “Biharis” and “Delhiwalas”, it said.