Bail for murder accused

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court converted the interim bail of Manu Sharma, the main accused in the murder of model Jessica Lal, into regular bail on Tuesday. Justice BD Ahmed directed the accused be admitted to bail after furnishing a bail bond of Rs 50,000 with one surety of a like amou-nt. He directed Sharma to surrender his passport to the lower court and not to leave the country without the court’s prior permission.— HNS

Elephant kills four

Guwahati: Four people were trampled to death by a tamed elephant that went berserk smashing vehicles, damaging houses and uprooting electricity poles in Guwahati. The elephant went on the rampage Monday night in downtown Guwahati’s Fatasil Amabari area, triggering panic and disrupting life for close to three hours. — HNS

Hooch kills 16 in India

Bangalore: Sixteen people, including five women, died Tuesday in a town near here after consuming spurious country liquor. According to Bangalore Police, around 20 affected people have been admitted to hospitals in Nelamengala town and in the state capital. Three people have been arrested in this connection. “Of the 20 admitted, five people are reported to be in a critical condition,” police said. — HNS