The Fact Checker unveils Donald Trump's lie-count at 30,573 during presidency

KATHMANDU: The Fact Checker claims that former US President Donald Trump lied and made misleading remarks for a total of 30,573 times during his office tenure--most of it in his last year.

The Fact Checker is responsible for accessing the authenticity of claims made by political leaders of both the Democratic and Republican Parties.

Donald Trump, who is arguably the most controversial president in the history of American politics, ever since acceding office has made comments disproportionate to reality, be it for over estimating his crowds or for the time when he lied about being the record holder for appearing on the cover of Times magazine.

As Trump moved into his final year of presidency, he massively down played the coronavirus infection, so much so that he was quoted as saying that the pandemic would disappear "like a miracle" as opposed to the fact that USA has become the most affected nation from the contagion as of today, as per a report on The Washington Post.

Similarly, in the 2020 presidential election, he was out voted by his Democratic competitor Joe Biden, following which claims of the election being a fraud had been asserted by Trump that also prompted his supporters to vandalize the Congress on January sixth leading to his second impeachment.

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