Troops kill 14 militants in Pakistan

ISLAMBAD: Pakistani troops killed 14 militants and arrested another

29 during an ongoing offensive against Taliban insurgents in northwest Pakistan, the military said on Sunday.

The military continued search and clearance operations across Malakand district and the former tourist resort of Swat. “During last 24 hours, search and clearance operations were conducted in

Swat and Malakand division,” it said in a daily update on the operation.

Ten militants were killed in Buner district and 29 were arrested elsewhere in the region, it said.

Troops killed four militants in Swat and destroyed a training camp and a militants’ cave, recovering a huge cache of arms and ammunition, the statement added.

Separately, a remote controlled bomb killed two Pakistani soldiers in the tribal Bajaur district. Troops retaliated, killing three suspected Taliban militants, he added.

A military official confirmed the incident but gave no casualty figures.