US’ Tiananmen remarks irk China

Agence France Presse

Beijing, June 6:

China reacted angrily today to a US call for a re-examination of the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown, again justifying its actions while telling Washington to stay out of its internal affairs. Foreign ministry spokesman Kong Quan suggested the United States instead “pay more attention to activities which severely violated human rights in its own country”, Xinhua reported. “The Chinese side has had clear conclusion on the political disturbance that occurred in China at the end of the 1980s,” Kong said. He repeated the government’s position that the June 4 crackdown was necessary to maintain social stability and push forward China’s reform programme. “In the last 16 years, China witnessed great achievements in social and economic development and the Chinese people enjoy all the human rights in line with the laws. It has proved that stability is very vital,” said Kong.