Himalayan News Service

New Delhi, December 31:

Astrological predictions are often eyed with scepticism, especially those offered in hindsight, but at least one soothsayer had the tsunami disaster on record — a year ago.

Noted astrologer Bejan Daruwalla, in his Annual Horoscope for 2004, predicted “typhoons, tidal waves, pollution of rivers and waters, earthquakes, as Uranus, the planet of sudden and sharp reversal and even calamities, will be in Pisces, a great water sign.” “The death and destruction, pollution of water life everywhere in the world, terrifies me, gives me nightmares,” Daruwalla said.

“I do not believe in sensationalising disasters, typhoons, tidal waves, oil spills, new diseases and virus, in short calamities. But nature in the form of water will seek retribution for the havoc and manmade damage caused to it.”

“This Ganesha devotee warns the world to respect and venerate nature instead of ravaging it through control and domination. “We are a part of nature. Nature is not a part of us. It is not subservient to us. The part cannot be greater than the whole. “That’s commonsense, which, alas, is uncommon to many!” said the quirky astrologer.