This year's Carbon Pricing Leadership Report comes as much of the world continues to grapple with the global COVID-19 crisis that has ravaged communities, overwhelmed health care systems, closed borders, and brought economies to a near halt over the past year.

As future generations look back at this time, they will see this pandemic as one of humanity's greatest tragedies, but they will also see our resilience.

Through collaboration and collective action, we now need to focus on building back better and set a path toward green, resilient and inclusive development in the long term.

Like COVID-19, the climate crisis does not stop at borders, and we need the same level of urgent and decisive action.

Despite the global health crisis, 2020 saw the largest alliance of countries and corporations committing to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 as part of the UN Race to Zero campaign.

These commitments now cover at least 68% of the global economy, 56% of the global population, and 61% of global greenhouse gas emissions.