Routine news of crimes against humanity around the world has made me think, what is causing them in human society? Nepal, a land of diverse cultures and ancient civilisation, could provide a potential solution for these inhuman activities.

But we ourselves are seeing lots and lots of heinous crimes in the localities and streets of the nation.

Nepal had a glorious, harmonious and value-based society, where both men and women lived dignified lives, with respect and tolerance for each other.

Unfortunately we have even forgotten what these qualities are and how necessary they are.

Thanks a lot to the rulers for many centuries – the Shah dynasty. They understood the importance of the moral values which were imparted through our then educational system based on the Vedas and other epics.

Unfortunately, for their longterm benefit, they modified the education system, destroyed our ancient research works, regarded our educational system as being inferior, and reduced our self- esteem to its lowest ebb.

So the root of the society's decay lies in the education and belief system of the country.

It is sad that our political leaders are perennially engrossed in the fight for power.

They have emptied the nation's treasury and created one political upheaval after another. The political parties are always cheating the citizens.

Poor Nepalis, you should learn to earn each of your needs and be aware of the situation.

Just complaining and sensitising the issues are not going to help. We should find the root cause of the problems and take corrective actions to make a new Nepal. We can lead our country towards prosperity if we work hard to meet our daily needs.

So, empower yourself, my dear Nepalis. Educate yourself, impart moral education in the schools, media and society.

Raise your self-esteem, you are not inferior to others.

Be clear about what is real power. Everyone should be educated on the different forms of power, such as the power to tolerate, power to face, power to co-operate, power to withdraw, power to accept, power to discriminate, power of judgment and power of patience.

Women, don't expect others to give you the desired equality, power or space. Take your own space; exercise your authority.

If you are eligible or apt for a certain position, don't be at the mercy of others. That is the only way you can be confident of what you are doing.

Share love, peace, joy, knowledge and power with fellow beings and think positive for the broader benefit of the whole of Nepal as positive thoughts empower the surroundings.

A version of this article appears in the print on July 29 2021, of The Himalayan Times.