As human beings, we are always looking for happiness in life. But even though we want to be happy, most of the time, we are unhappy.

Most of us are always complaining, saying that life is not fair, or he did this or that to me.

So we all usually depend upon the outer circumstances to be happy or sad in life.

When we say I didn't get this or that in life, who is that 'I' in the self that wants this or that in life to be happy? It is not only just the body or mind. Mind and body are part of this physical human form, but what about that 'I' which consists of the mind, body and beyond? Beyond in the sense that our thoughts and feelings can travel beyond this body and mind.

So who is that I or self –which is the same in all but reflects different perceptions? That 'I', which we all refer to as me or myself, is no other than the infinite itself. I which was there before us and will remain here even after we are gone is God himself as the infinite.

So the infinite God, which we refer to as I am, is present in everyone, but in a sleeping state, which, we physically refer to as the sub-conscious mind.

The infinite God is in all of us in the form of the subconscious mind. He is in a complete state of sleep. The only way to communicate with that infinite self is through feelings and emotions.

So the message we are transferring to our infinite self through our feelings and emotions is what he creates more of.

When we are happy, we are transferring a happy message to our infinite self.

That way, he creates more situations like that for us to remain happy. But when we feel sad, then it creates more sad situations for us to deal with.

So, the way to be happy in life is through the feeling of appreciation for what we already have and expand that feeling to achieve more happiness and share it with the likeminded people and friends.

But the problem is, we depend too much on the outer circumstances to be happy in life.

When we depend too much on the outer circumstances then we might be creating unhappiness unknowingly. That's why self-control and self-confidence are necessary in life.

As I said, the infinite self in all of us is sleeping. So he cannot see to know what we want in life.

He can only understand things through the feelings and emotions that we create.

Therefore, the self, which is I, is no other than the infinite himself, and it is that I, which is creating everything that is happening in our lives.

So what we want in life is what we must feel with emotion in the present state. So that I in the self creates what we want.

A version of this article appears in the print on May 26, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.