11 agro industries registered in last five months


A total of 11 agriculture industries with domestic investment have been registered in the last five months of the current fiscal year.

According to the Department of Industries, the number of agriculture industries has been increasing in recent years. So far, a total of 12 industries related with agriculture business have been registered at the department and among them 11 have been planned with local investment while one is foreign direct investment (FDI).

Even though COVID-19 has affected almost all economic sectors investment in agriculture sector is increasing.

Agricultural Development Bank has also stated that the number of people seeking agricultural loans has been rising in recent times.

The 11 agriculture industries that have been registered with domestic investment are worth a total of Rs 2.90 billion. Around 1,395 people are estimated to get employment after the industries come into operation.

Meanwhile, with regards to FDI, one Chinese investor has registered an agriculture industry worth Rs 350 million. The industry, which is related with meat production and processing, is expected to employ 80 people.

Among the 11 industries registered with domestic investment, six are related with poultry farming. According to the department, a company named Global Bird has registered its poultry farm which will be operated in Nawalparasi with investment worth Rs 230 million. Similarly, Janakpur Agro Farm has been registered to be operated in Dhanusa with investment of Rs 129.4 million while Ashirbad Agro Feeds will open its business in Nawalparasi district with total investment of Rs 247 million.

Meanwhile, The Organic Valley has been registered to be operated in Lalitpur district with an investment of Rs 20 million. Likewise, Arihant Agro Farm and Research Centre will come into operation in Sunsari district with total investment worth Rs 220 million while Shova Agro and Research Centre has been registered to be operated in Bajura with an investment of Rs 150 million.