AAN opens Advertising Library

KATHMANDU: The Advertising Association of Nepal (AAN) has opened an Advertising Library on Thursday at its building located in Shantinagar, Kathmandu.

This is an initiative of the Ad Club of Nepal which is a sister organisation of AAN, the umbrella organisation of advertising agencies in Nepal. According to a press statement issued by AAN, the library has been established by the Ad Club so that all professionals, academicians and students will have access to share and enhance knowledge of advertising and creativity subjects, said President of AAN Rabindra Kumar Rijal.

Currently, the library consists of hundreds of books related to advertising, marketing, management, research, economics, organisation behaviour, business policies, business law, autobiography, events, creativity and arts, popular bulletins and articles, among others. All the books have been donated by various advertising agencies, corporate houses and individuals for which the club is deeply indebted, reads the statement.