Brand watch: 2pm atta noodle launched

Kathmandu, May 16:

Asian Thai Food Pvt Ltd (ATF) launched 2pm atta noodles, the first noodles made from whole-wheat flour today.

ATF has always aimed at providing its consumers with hea-lthy food items, states a press note. It has made a groundbreaking effort in the Nepali noodles industry by introducing 2pm atta noodles — the first Nepali noodle made from wheat flour, said Amit Rathi, sales and marketing director at ATF. The basic ingredient ‘atta’ makes it different and healthy than other existing noodles in the market. “The fibre in atta makes it a healthy choice. It co-ntains real chicken cubes and vegetables, which make the noodles tastier,” states the note.

With no added monosodium glutamate (MSG) and added extra protein, it is in fact the healthiest noodles in the market, claims Rathi.

The product is priced at Rs 12 per packet.