KATHMANDU: South Korea’s economic recovery from the global economic crisis had had a direct impact
on Nepali migrant workers going there under Employment Permit System (EPS). Hiring of EPS aspirants doubled in September compared to July this year.
EPS South Korea is hiring 155 Nepali blue-collar jobseekers in September and the number is an all-time high yet in 2009. South Korea had hired 79 workers
last July. Around 3,000 Nepalis have reached South Korea from EPS 2008 quota among 6,768 listed in the roster.
South Korean economy gained a growth rate of 8.4 per cent in second quarter of 2009 which was 2.6 per cent faster than previously estimated. According to the Forbes, corporate investment and the government’s stimulus plan contributed to economic growth.
Corporate investment rate was 10.1 per cent in South Korea in the period between April
and June this year. The South Korean government launched a stimulus package of $54 billion from March 2009.
According to the EPS Nepal office, around 29 and 37 Nepali blue-collar jobseekers have already landed in Seoul on September 7 and September 14 respectively. Around 66 more
are waiting to leave for South Korea on September 21 while another 69 Nepalis will reach South Korea on October 5.
EPS South Korea renewed contracts with the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and
Nepal between July and
August this year. EPS South
Korea and the Philippines signed an agreement in July
to recruit an additional 5,000 Filipinos in South Korean industrial sectors.
On July 22, Nepal and South Korea agreed to extend the EPS contract for three months. Both countries are struggling to incorporate their interests in the new agreement. Nepal’s Ministry of Labour and Transport Management (MoLTM) has sent a new draft to EPS South Korea last month. MoLTM has given top priority to renewing the EPS agreement that expires on October 23. MoLTM is serious about renewing the contract in favour of Nepalis, Minister Mohammed Aftab Alam had said last week.
South Korea is a lucrative destination for Nepali migrant workers. EPS workers earn $970 to $1,000 per month depending on their work. The income that they get in South Korea is five times more than that in other major destinations like Malaysia and Gulf countries.

EPS hiring drive

• September 7 29
• September 14 37
• September 21 66
• October 5 69