Kathmandu, February 15 The Department of Transport Management (DoTM) has started the process to purchase a ‘mass printer’ in a bid to ease the process of printing smart driving licences. As the department has not been able to issue smart driving licences in a full-fledged manner due to low capacity of printing, DoTM plans to purchase a high-capacity printer that can print up to 8,000 smart cards a day. Though DoTM has been printing smart driving cards through a couple of printers in different shifts, it is able to print only around 3,000 such cards per day though the daily demand for smart driving licences is more than 5,000 per day. Following the low printing capacity of DoTM and unavailability of ample smart cards, more than 400,000 service seekers who have renewed their old licences and who have passed their vehicle trial are yet to receive smart driving permit from DoTM since more than a year. “We have already announced the tender for the purchase of the mass printer and we will receive it within the next few months. Once the printer arrives, we will be able to print and issue smart driving licences as per demand,” informed Gokarna Upadhyaya, spokesperson for DoTM. Meanwhile, DoTM has also started the process to purchase additional one million units of smart cards to ensure that the department does not face smart card scarcity in the future.