Fair price shops to open after October 1


Like in the previous years, the government is all set to open fair price shops this year too with an aim to provide some relief to consumers during the festive season. The shops this year will be opened after October 1.

The Food Management and Trading Company Ltd (FMT- CL) has announced that the fair price shops will be open after October 1 to give continuity to the trend of the previous years. As per FMTCL, the process to set up such shops has already begun and the modality through which the fair price shops will be operated is yet to be finalised.

The situation this year is not the same as in the previous years. Due to the COVID-19 infection, the company has to focus on health safety measures as well. Hence, a new modality will be implemented this year, said Sharmila Neupane Subedi, information officer of FMTCL.

“We are holding discussions regarding the modality. It will be a bit different this year,” she said. “We’ll soon publish the final date and areas where the shops will be set up.”

Meanwhile, Salt Trading Corporation (STC) has also informed that it is holding discussions to open fair price shops. Every year, STC and FMTCL set up fair price shops at different locations of the country during the festive season for the convenience of consumers.

The government started opening fair price shops outside Kathmandu valley from last year. Even though the government is planning to set up fair price shops outside the valley this year as well, discussions are still being held on the issue.

Generally, the government operates outlets across the country and sells goods like rice, ghee, salt and sugar, among others, at subsidised rates to control the inflation of daily consumables during the festive season and provide relief to consumers. Starting from Dashain, the shops are open till Chhath.

The subsidised outlets are being operated under the coordination of different public enterprises such as STC, FMT- CL and the Dairy Development Corporation.