Farmers go hi-tech in Terai

Birgunj, January 4:

Ever since the productivity of wheat has increased with the use of technologies like power tiller drill and zero till for wheat farming in Parsa, Rautahat and Dhanusa districts in the past few years, these technologies are catching on with the farmers here.

Farmers claim the wheat production has perceptibly gone up with reduced input costs since the time when wheat was cultivated with conventional methods.

The technologies have also been found to be more effective as wheat seeds can be planted 15 to 30 days earlier than before. Wheat plants are also found to be stout and healthy.

The farmers told RSS reporters that with the use of these technologies, they have been able to save not only time but increase their overall production with 30 to 40 per cent of irrigation water.

According to the Agricultural Inputs Research Center, Birgunj, farmers of Bara, Para, Rautahat and Dhanusa district have cultivated wheat by applying zerotill on 142 hectares of land , power tiller drill on 191 hectares of land , 57 hectares from Satfarwa, and others in 9 hectares of land this fiscal year.