Financial situation worries traders

Himalayan News Service

Rupandehi, April 20:

Businessmen of Butwal, the chief commercial centre in western Nepal, have been crestfallen with the adverse business scenario. With business not picking up even in peak transaction seasons, entrepreneurs have started to think about alternatives. Kush Prasad Malli, chairman of the Butwal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), said that businessmen cannot go rural areas to collect returns on their investment. Moreover, business in villages have spiralled down and youths of the villages have migrated to safer places, which has decreased the credibility of citizens, cited Malli.

Kush Prasad Malli added that when the situation is compared to the situation before the Maoists insurgency, there has been a steep decline in the business sector of Butwal.

Businessmen have become so frustrated that BCCI finds it difficult to gather advertisement for its proposed brochure.