Flower sales increase with wedding season

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, February 4:

Each month flowers worth about two million rupees are sold in Kathmandu alone. During the marriage season, sales increase by around ten times. Though the market for flowers has grown hugely over the past few years, people engaged in floriculture are very few in Nepal. Most flowers are imported from India and European countries.

Flowers like gladiolus, gerbera, carnation, marigold and tuber rose are produced in Nepal but during the peak season, flowers produced in Nepal can not meet the market demand and then, mostflowers are imported from Kolkata, said Indra Goyal of New Calcutta Flowers. Also flower production is high during the summer season which declines as winter approaches, he added. The sale of flowers during last Tihar was very high and it has provided a ray of hope to people involved in this business. But frequently called bandhs and blockades are major problems. Flowers wilt during transportation and huge losses occur, said Goyal. Flowers are basically used during the marriage season for floral decoration in homes and vehicles. Depending upon the type and quantity of flowers used and the decoration, the cost of decoration varies. Generally people select to spend between Rs 2,000 to Rs 10,000 but sometimes it goes even higher, said Nihar Samant of Evergreen Flowers. Readily available bouquet of flowers are generally priced between Rs 60 to Rs 150 and flower baskets cost between Rs 200 to Rs 500. However specially ordered bouquets and baskets could cost even more.

“Generally people of upper middle class are prime customers. But with the influence of western culture, using flowers for exchanging greetings is catching on,” said Samant.