Focus on Janakpur

KATHMANDU: The Janakpur Intellectual Society has put forward 66 different suggestions for developing Janakpur into a centre of pilgrimage tourism.

The society suggested devising short and long term plans for promoting pilgrimage tourism and including the Ram Janaki Temple in the list of world heritage sites.

President of the society, Rajeshwar Nepali, presented the suggestions in a concept paper at an interaction organized on that theme on the occasion of Janaki Nawami festival. It has also been suggested that the holy ponds in the vicinity of the Temple be conserved and freed of pollution.

There are 72 big and small ponds with religious importance in Janakpur. Stress was also laid on preserving and promoting traditional art and craft of the Mithila region.

Other suggestions were construction of Hulaki Road, operation of the homeopathic hospital, spending revenue collected from Janakpur Cigarette Factory on local development and construction of an international airport in Janakpur.