Food products show Sudan I dye in China

Agence France Presse

Beijing, April 1:

Food inspectors combing supermarkets and restaurants in Beijing have discovered 25 products containing the cancer-causing dye Sudan I, state media reported on Friday.

The discoveries were made during inspections between March 19-29 after the dye was found in Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and Heinz products. Officials are still tracing the source of the dye, said the China Daily without identifying what the products were.

State media has previously quoted government officials as saying the Guangzhou-based Tianyang Food Co was the source of the Sudan I scare. Its manager was taken into custody this week. Industry and commerce authorities have ordered the products found in Beijing to be taken off supermarket shelves and have sealed the warehouses of retailers involved, it said. Southern Guangdong province has also launched food-safety inspections after three chilli oils were found to contain the dye Monday, it said. So far the dye has been found in 12 of China’s provinces and municipalities, prompting recalls, state media said.

Food inspectors in various parts of China are continuing searches for food containing the industrial product traditionally used for coloring solvents, oils, waxes, petrol and shoe and floor polishes. This latest scare follows similar cases in food items across Europe from Chilli powder containing Sudan I.