Greens’ price turns people’s blood green

KATHMANDU: Thanks to early rain, green vegetable prices have been going down since the last three weeks. Data of Kalamati Fruits and Vegetables Market (KFVM) shows gradually decreasing prices of non-storable vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, shallots, leeks and lettuce.

Regular rain since early Baisakh (second half of April) has created a suitable atmosphere for green vegetables, KFVM said. Vegetable vendors also agreed with the logic. “Yes, we have fresh vegetables at lower prices than what we had a month ago,” said Bikram Giri, a wholeseller at Kalimati.

Cauliflower (local) which cost Rs 48.40 a kilogram in the wholesale market on May 12 has dropped to Rs 47.50 today. Price of cabbage, shallots, leeks, niuro, lettuce and spinach leaf has gone down on an average of 11.59 per cent between May 12 and May 25.

Are customers benefiting from downgraded prices? “Of course not,” said Giri. According to him, the price must go down by above 20 per cent to benefit customers. Only retailers can get benefit in this condition, he added.

Housewife Kabita Sangraula of Ghattekulo has not experienced the delight of reduced prices of green vegetables. “I am paying the same as usual,” she said, “It’s Rs 8-10 for one handful of lettuce or spinach.” A handful of lettuce or spinach sells in retail weights of 250-300 grams. According to this estimate, one kg of lettuce or spinach costs Rs 27 to 32.

According to KFVM, customers can experience reduced vegetables prices soon. However, the situation won’t be long-lasting because the domestic market has always faced shortage of vegetables in the rainy reason — July to September. So, customers will have to wait till October/November (after Dashain and Tihar) for reduced price of vegetables.