Hassles in export of fresh ginger resolved

Kathmandu, October 28

After almost a week-long talks between Nepali and Indian authorities in Siliguri of India, the hassles related to export of fresh ginger to the southern neighbour have been resolved.

The Indian customs has agreed to allow export of fresh ginger from Panitanki customs office to India from this week, according to officials involved in the bilateral talks.

Indian Quarantine at Panitanki had restricted export of fresh ginger to India stating that the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) had not allowed import of ginger in raw form since the implementation of goods and services tax (GST). As per the rules, the importer (Indian importer) needs to obtain permit from DGFT to import fresh ginger. However, Nepali traders were exporting fresh ginger under ‘Others’ heading of customs harmonised code, which refers to processed ginger. Later the quarantine office had strictly ruled against the export of ‘fresh ginger’ and a huge quantity of ginger was stuck at Kakarvitta dry port.

However, during the talks with Indian customs officials, the Nepali side stressed on the provision of bilateral trade treaty, which provides preferential market access for Nepali agro products.

“The Indian customs at Panitanki was not aware about the renewal of Nepal-India Trade Treaty last year, which is why they had dealt with fresh ginger export to India under DGFT rules,” an official from the Ministry of Commerce told The Himalayan Times.

Consul General from Kolkata Consulate Office Eknarayan Aryal; Customs Commissioner from Siliguri Customs Bamin Tari; Chief of the Mechi Customs Office Tek Narayn Aryal; Tarka Raj Bhatta, undersecretary from Ministry of Commerce; President of Ginger Producers’ Association Narendra Khadka; representatives of the customs agents from both sides and some Indian importers had participated in the bilateral talks.