Kathmandu, November 27:

A week-long Janakpur Festival-2005 is being organised from December 5 to 11 in Janakpur, with a view of promoting cultural and religious tourism. Organised by Janakpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI), Export Promotion Board and the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), the festival is first of its kind in Janakpur coincided with Bibaha Panchami. Janakpur has always been a centre of attraction for Hindu pilgrims around the world being the birthplace of goddess Sita and a state of great Hindu King Janak, as well as for its historic legacy of Mithila culture, customs and tradition. Tens of thousands of pilgrims visit Janakpur every year during the Bibaha Panchami, in remembrance of a platonic marriage ceremony of Lord Ram and Sita in Treta Yug on this day, according to the Hindu mythology. “Since the festival is coincided with Bibaha Panchami, thousands of visitors are expected to visit the festival,” said Nirmal Kumar Chaudhary, president of JCCI.

“We hope the event would be a right platform to promote Janakpur as a best Hindu tourist destination, and local industrial, handicraft and agricultural products among the domestic as well as foreign tourists,” he added.

Besides religious activities, the festival will have other attractions like exhibition-cum-sale of local handicraft products, agro goods, horticultural products, fishery and many more, informed Chaudhary. The organisers expect a transaction worth about Rs 50 million during the fair. “A total of 150 stalls will be at display in Tirhutiagachi. Exhibition of handicrafts,

especially Mithila art and culture, fishery expo and expo of citrus fruits will be major attractions apart from Bibaha Panchami festival. Famous Janaki temple, Ram Mandir, Bibaha Mandap, Danushadham and 52 sacred ponds are some of the important sites in Janakpur, while Nepal’s only railway service — that operates from Janakpur to Jayanagar in India — and heartland of Mithila culture have glorified its beauty.