Labour minister blasts trade union leaders for hindering SSP rollout

Kathmandu, August 25

Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security, Gokarna Bista has accused trade union leaders and entrepreneurs of obstructing effective implementation of social security programme (SSP) across the country.

According to Minister Bista, a lot of enterprises and industries being operated by political leaders and trade union leaders are refusing to sign up for the SSP.

“We have been unable to effectively implement the social security scheme owing to politicians who own businesses and industries and have not complied with the government’s direction to sign up for the scheme.”

Speaking at a programme organised by Joint Trade Union Coordination Committee (JTUCC) here today, Bista claimed that the trade union leaders are intentionally hindering effective implementation of the scheme by blaming employers or resistance from workers or technological complexity.

“The truth is, the scheme benefits employers, employees and the trade unions as well,” Bista assured, but warned the government will take action against anyone obstructing effective implementation of the scheme.

Bista further said the government is planning to soon publicise names of industries and leaders that are playing foul. “It is disappointing how those who had hailed the launch of SSP as a historic step are now obstructing its effective implementation.”

Minister Bista urged the employees to push for their rights of social security and lobby for their names to be registered in the scheme.

Meanwhile, Binod Shrestha, president of the Coordination Committee of the JTUCC, said that since the scheme has failed to generate expected benefits, perhaps the government should conduct an in-depth analysis for the reasons behind it.

The final deadline for all the companies, industries and enterprises to register in the programme has been set at October 17. Till date, 35,500 workers of 4,092 enterprises have been listed in the scheme. As per official estimates, there are around 900,000 enterprises operating in the country.