Maoist blockade results in price hike

Rastriya Samachar Samiti

Dhangadi, April 5:

Price of daily consumer goods and construction material has skyrocketed in various districts in the far western region over the past few weeks. The situation has been attributed to the so-called blockade by the Maoists, which has stopped all types of transportation in the area. As a result, food supply from the districts in terai to the hilly region has been affected, thereby laying the foundation for traders to take advantage of such a situation. Among these, Achham district has been adversely affected and a food crisis has surfaced for the past few days, said local resident Mamin Miya of Balapata, Achham over telephone.

Masino type of rice is not available in the district while the moto type has been priced at Rs 28 per kg. It was earlier priced at Rs 12 per kg. Likewise, the price of sugar has reached Rs 40 per kg from Rs 30 per kg, salt to Rs 10 from Rs 8 per kg, kerosene to Rs 40 per litre and cooking oil to Rs 120 per litre from Rs 80. In Kailali, the price of daily consumer goods has not been changed but the price of construction materials has skyrocketed. An artificial shortage of iron rods and cement has been created to charge higher price.