NEA expedites work to install smart meters in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, October 1

With an aim to reduce electricity leakage in the distribution system and improve network visibility, Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has expedited preparatory works to install smart meters in Kathmandu Valley.

For the purpose, NEA has accelerated works related to household survey. The power utility has said that it is preparing to instal around 90,000 smart meters in the first phase in areas that fall under the Ratnapark and Maharajgunj distribution centres. Since fiscal year 2018-19, the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation had introduced a special programme in the budget to distribute smart meters in Kathmandu Valley.

Kul Man Ghising, managing director at NEA, said the project will design, supply and instal advanced metering infrastructure (smart meters and associated facilities) for the entire Valley and the industrial sector.

“We are about to finish collecting data of households that have installed three-phase meters in the first phase. And we have now begun collecting the details of consumers who have installed single-phase meters,” Ghising said, adding that NEA is focused on strengthening the distribution system in core urban areas.

According to him, installation of smart meters will help improve network visibility and hence reduce or defer network reinforcement costs, improve management of power outages, improve connection processes and stop electricity bypass, reduce costs for micro-generation customers, reduce losses and improve customer service across a range of routine activities.

Moreover, the meter reader will not have to visit each and every household to examine how they are consuming the electricity. The entire system will be monitored like how they do at Nepal Telecom for their landline connections.

“This is one step to modernise the entire distribution system of NEA and it will help strengthen our financial health too,” Ghising added. “Our ultimate goal is to increase customer satisfaction.”

For the purpose, NEA has established a wing named Kathmandu Valley Smart Metering Project, which is responsible for design, supply and installation of advanced metering infrastructure (smart meters and associated facilities) system for Kathmandu valley and also to instal smart meters for consumers.