Nepali workers to get relief from Saudi Arabia's new labour policy

SAUDI ARABIA:  The government of Saudi Arabia has made public a new policy under the Labour Protection Plan for regulating the workers conditions in private companies.

The programme introduced by the Saudi Arabia's Labour Ministry has aimed to secure the salaries of about 4,590 workers serving for 3,595 private companies.

The programme is expected to benefit almost 600,000 Nepali migrant workers employed in Saudi Arabia.

It is believed that the new scheme will relieve Nepali migrant workers deprived of salary and stranded in Saudi Arabia after the expiry of their agreement terms.

Saudi Arabia's Ministry for Labour Inspection and Environment Developing Work stated that the government was committed to enforcing the new regulation to ensure that private company workers receive payment on time.

The Arab News has said that the private companies will require making timely payment for their workers. The new policy will resolve the problem emerged between the company and workers.

The new regulation will come into effect after two months in all private companies of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabian Ministry has urged the companies to send details of their workers.

The new policy states that the company flouting the new regulation will be penalised up to 3,000 Riyals. The company failing to provide payment for three months will be forced to shut down whereas the workers in the particular company will be transferred to other companies.