Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index went down by 75.79 points on the first trading day of the week, closing at 2,572.21 on Sunday.

The country's sole secondary market saw the benchmark index fall 2.86 per cent from 2664.7 points.

Similarly, the sensitive index measuring the performance of Class 'A' stocks went down to 464.05 points with a loss of 2.64 per cent. Likewise, the float index that gauges performance of shares actually traded sunk by 2.90 per cent to 177.73 points on Sunday.

A total of 14,690,720 unit shares of altogether 215 companies were traded at Rs 7.284 billion in the market today.

After the share transaction, market capitalisation crossed Rs 3.561 trillion, according to the NEPSE.

All sub-indices recorded a loss today with Life insurance index becoming the top loser with a 460.04 point dip followed by the Non-Life insurance index losing 441.78 per cent. The hotel and Tourism index lost 220.27 points in today's market.

Mahila Lagubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (MLBSL) and Bishal Bazar Company Limited (BBC) were the top gainers in today's trading with MLBSL closing at Rs 2,136 while BBC closing at Rs 3,484 per units, almost 10 per cent increase.

Meanwhile, Chandragiri Hills Limited were the top losers with an 8.43 per cent decrease in its share price with it closing at Rs 1,955 per unit.

Nepal Infrastructure Bank Limited (NIFRA) was the forerunner in two categories -- trading volume and turnover, with 723,657 of its shares traded that amounted to Rs 395 million, while Jyoti Life Insurance Ltd (JIL) was the top company in terms of transactions amounting to 21,994.