NOC distributes 750,000 litre fuel to private vehicles in Kathmandu Valley

KATHMANDU: Nepal Oil Corporation on Tuesday distributed 750,000 litre fuel to the private vehicles in the Kathmandu Valley.

NOC supplied about 600,000 litre petrol and 150,000 litre diesel to 125 fuel stations across the Valley, according to Deepak Baral, Spokesperson of the Corporation.

The state oil monopoly had stopped providing petroleum products to private vehicles for the past two weeks owing to the acute fuel crisis in the country.

Thousands of vehicles queued up at fuel stations in hope of receiving fuel rationed by the NOC.

Fuel stations sold five litre fuel each to two-wheelers and 15 litre each four-wheelers.

However, only few vehicles could receive petroleum products, informed Spokesperson Baral.

The NOC is preparing to distribute fuel to more private vehicles tomorrow.

The distribution of LPG gas would not take place until the Birgunj check point opens, according to NOC.