NPDA fixes retail petrol, kerosene, diesel prices

Kathmandu, October 25:

Nepal Petroleum Dealers’ Association (NPDA) today organising a press meet fixed the retail prices of petrol, diesel and kerosene for various places.

The retail price of petrol per litre is Rs 73.50 for Kathmandu valley which is dearer by Rs 6.25 from the earlier price of Rs 67.25, according to a press release of NPDA.

Similarly, a litre of diesel costs Rs 56.25, dearer by Rs 3.10 and kerosene is Rs 51.02, which is dearer by Rs 3.57 now.

Shiv Prasad Ghimire, president of NPDA, addressing the press meet said that the prices will vary places to places as the private dealers will fix the retail prices after adding their commission in the wholesale prices.

“Besides commission, the dealers add shrinkage charge and working loss, insurance and transportation cost, while they fix the retail price,” Ghimire informed.

The retail price of petrol per litre is at Rs 72.29 from Rs 66.19 for Birgunj. “Similarly, diesel costs Rs 55.03 from Rs 52.03 and kerosene costs Rs 50.12 from earlier Rs 47.17 per litre in Birgunj,” according to the NPDA’s press release.

Whereas in Dipayal, per litre petrol costs Rs 75.66 and kerosene costs Rs 52.94, the most expensive among all the places across Nepal.

“The retail price is only applicable within the 15 km of depos and further than that the price attracts seven per cent transportation cost per km,” added Ghimire.

Yesterday, in the late evening press meet, Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has raised the prices of petroleum products. Lately, NOC has not only been posting a whopping loss every year, it is also dogged by controversies as there is no transparency in dealing with its sole buyer Indian Oil Corporation (IOC).