President Yadav urges all to unite to make country prosperous

KATHMANDU: President Ram Baran Yadav has urged all people to unite in order to build a prosperous Nepal, consolidating the national unity.

"Economic prosperity is the country's important destination and for that, the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) plays an important role," President Yadav said, while addressing the 7th International General Assembly and Global Conference of the NRNA here in the Capital today.

Stating that Nepali people living abroad provided 'notable' support to the April 25 earthquake survivors, Yadav said that he believed that NRNA would provide aid in reconstruction of the structures ravaged by the quake.

"Although the earthquake destroyed everything, Nepali people were united to cope with the disaster. Nepalis living here and abroad have an important role to make Nepal prosperous again," said Yadav.

He said that there are many opportunities to bring about better changes in the country through knowledge, skills and technology of non-resident Nepalis.

Saying that people's seven-decade long aspirations to write the Constitution by their elected representatives' body, Constituent Assembly, have been fulfilled, he said that rights and interests of various communities and groups could be ensured through implementation of the democratic, dederal and inclusive constitution.

He also stressed on the need that all political parties need to move ahead together to sort out challenges that may surface during implementation of the Constitution.

The Head of the State expressed his hope that voices of all groups and communities would be addressed, pointing out the need to protect the nationality.

He urged the non-resident Nepalis to go to their villages to acquire citizenship cards as per new provisions that allows the non-resident Nepalis to get Nepali citizenship cards, and also expressed hope that such provision would help Nepal become prosperous.