Rural trekking route opened in Gorkha

GORKHA: In a bid to promote tourism of Gorkha district, a 25-kilometer-long trekking

route from the famous Manakamana Temple to Gorkha Durbar has been opened.

The trail takes tourists visiting the district to the histories palace making a round of beautiful villages, said Achal Gurung, chairman of the tourism route committee.

He said that the visit to some of the places famous from tourism point of view such as Manakamana, Lakhan Thapa cave, Bakrang, Taklung, Tinmane, Haitya, Phirphire, Chandi Bhanjyang, Duerali, Dhungagadhe, Durbar sidi and Gorkha museum is a feature of the trekking route.

With the trail coming into operation, visitors also can discover rituals, lifestyle, custom, culture of Gorkha and most importantly gain a more holistic perspective of rural life. At the same time, local political leaders say tourist arrivals will raise employment opportunities here and help develop rural tourism in the country.

Eager to welcome tourists, locals are opening hotels alongside the route. Gorkha residents are hopeful that typical dances of Gorkha — Chudka-Maruni and folk songs — will woo visitors.

Secretary of the trekking route construction committee Ram Sharan Baniya said the best time to come for trekking here is winter.