Sericulture gets popular

Dhading, September 19:

Locals in Baireni village of Nalang Village Development Committee (VDC) have been attracted to sericulture for the last few years. They are earning handsome amounts after opting for sericulture.

Madan Bahadur, a local of the village, has planted mulberry plants in his fields. Mulberry trees are essential to feed silkworms, as the leaves of the Mulberry plants are the only food for silkworms. Bahadur has quit farming and began sericulture as production of grains decreased over the years. Not only Madan, Laxmi Bhatta has also planted mulberry trees. She is also earning great amounts of money by selling Koyos (holes made by silkworms) of silkworms. Bhatta is collecting about Rs 15,000 every year by selling the Koyos.