Signature comes in 375ml pack

Kathmandu, June 15 :

McDowell’s Nepal Ltd has introduced its leading Signature whisky brand in a new stylish 375ml pack.

A well-recognised octagonal bottle, green and gold colour combinations, and distinct style and flourish with which the brand name is inscribed, are some of the unique features of the brand, making it highly distinguished, states a press release. This rich new look has been designed by a London-based Claessens International. The tamper proof cap is made by the Italian major Guala Closures.

G Mullick, general sales manager says, “Signature has always set its own pace in quality and performan-ce, from the very beginning. With no other brand available at its price, the brand continues to grow at a rate not witnessed in any brand in Nepal. Growing at a three-digit growth rate, the brand today has found an awe-inspiring favour among premium bars, restaurants and stores acr-oss the country. We have always believed in providing maximum value and choice to our consumers, and this new pack is a step towards completing the experience.”