Style this season


Change in seasons demand a change in your wardrobe. With spring left far behind it is only apt that you fill your closet with summer wear. Brands like JeansWest, Lee, Levi’s, ANTA and KTM CTY are some of the brands that offer you a whole new wardrobe for the summers.

The perfect fit

JeansWest, one of the biggest casual clothing brands of Australia, has been a trend setter across the world in the last few years. Made for  comfort, the brand offers a range of sizes for all body shapes.

Five years back, JeansWest Enterprises, the authorised distributor, introduced this brand in the Nepali market. “Every piece is quality control checked and has been recognised as the most premium casual clothing brand in Nepal,” says Achal Kumar Agarwal, Director at JeansWest Enterprises. The company has a range of men and women garments like jeans, jackets, t-shirts, shirts and accessories and targets the middle class and upper middle class consumers. The price of t-shirts starts with Rs 1,190 while jeans from Rs 3,000 onward.

Agarwal claims that the brand is best known for denims and consumers’ come to their stores looking for that perfect pair. He says, “We face  direct competition with brands like Giordano and  Bossini, which falls under the jeans category but the prices of JeansWest is about 25 per cent lower than other brands which sets it apart from others.” Last year, the company witnessed 40 to 50 per cent sales growth before April 25.

However, sales decreased by 20 per cent post earthquake. To recover market share the company now advertises through social networking sites and print media. The brand  has introduced gift vouchers for consumers as a part of the promotion.

Express yourself

Known for self-expression and the classic American cool look, Levi’s, a global leading brand in jeans was brought into the Nepali market by Roots Fashion Pvt Ltd in 2010. With a wide variety of fit, history, material, finishing, cut from the best cloth, crafted with expert care and design for the long haul, Levi’s has become a trustworthy brand among  consumers. “Every pair of Levi’s jeans is made with the best natural cotton fabric to fit any body size because we are committed to doing good for people and the earth. We support sustainably grown cotton and the better cotton initiatives to improve the cotton production process,” says Sanjay Maharjan, Brand Manager at Roots Fashion.

According to Maharjan, the price ranges between Rs 6,000 to Rs 9,000 for jeans, Rs 4,000 to Rs 7,000 for shirt, Rs 5,000 to Rs 14,000 for jacket, Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000 for t-shirt and Rs 1,500 to Rs 5,000 for accessories. He claims that the reason behind consumer attraction to the brand is because of its premium, exclusive and long lasting products. Levi’s has brought new arrival pieces.

Casual collection

Lee Jeans is a leading international retailer and manufacturer of denim wear and casual wear. The brand has now brought more fits, styles, finish, features and choices than ever before to the market.

Dilip KC, General Manager at Sports Plaza, authorised retailer of Lee Jeans, says, “After the massive earthquake the consumer footfall has decreased by 25 to 30 per cent. However, things are looking up gradually.”

With different styles, colour, looks, trends and fits, Lee has been successful in expanding customer base. “For consumer’s benefit we run winter and summer clearance sales and buy one get one free packages to rope in new customers,” adds KC.

According to him, Levi’s, Pepe and Wrangler are their toughest competitors but he believes that Lee has the upper hand with at least 150 different types of jeans products which consumers cannot get from any other brand. “Products are 100 per cent cotton,” claims KC. All the products are directly imported from India. The price ranges between Rs 1,100 to Rs 4,500  for t-shirts, Rs 3,999 to Rs 7,999 for jeans, Rs 2,500 to Rs 8,000 for jackets and sweatshirts and many more.

Local looks

Likewise ANTA and KTM CTY, two domestic brands introduced by Sherpa Outdoor Pvt Ltd have made their mark in the market. ANTA has mostly sports gear.  With a wide range of products at affordable prices and with constant updates has been received well in the market.

“Pre-earthquake, there was good response from the consumers and they loved our products,” says Pallavi Pradhan, Business Development Manager at Sherpa Outdoor Pvt Ltd. She adds that with time their loyal customers have started to come to their stores. “We have been focusing on consumer’s satisfaction and care,” says Pradhan. The unique selling points of these brands are the variety, design, comfort and price. The prices start from Rs 1,800 onward for casual wears and Rs 1,500 onward for t-shirts. “We believe that ANTA is a well known professional sportswear brand whose quality is durable and worth the money and KTM CTY is easy to wear, warm and comfortable,” she claims.