Taiwan looks for collaboration with India

Himalayan New Service

New Delhi, May 8:

A high-level delegation of Taiwan’s National Science Council headed by deputy minister Ching-Jyh Shieh is in New Delhi to look at opportunities for collaboration with India in science and technology, including cutting-edge technologies.

Following a series of symposiums in areas like nanotechnology and exchange of professionals and scientists between the two countries, the Taiwan government has decided to set up a science and technology division at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Centre.

India, which supports a one-China policy, has no diplomatic relations with Taiwan, and the Centre acts as a diplomatic mission without being called so.

“When I went to the Silicon Valley, I was told IT for many people meant India and Taiwan,” Shieh, here on a weeklong visit that will also take him to Bangalore, said at a reception hosted by Andrew Kao, representative of the Taipei Centre, yesterday. Members of the Indian parliament and officials of the science and technology ministry were among those who attended the reception.

Shieh said that the team would be looking at opportunities for investments.