The Tatopani transit point at Nepal-China border in Sindhupalchowk is reopening on Monday.

The border point was closed for the last three months due to obstruction of the road following heavy rainfall.

The Chinese Embassy had decided to open the Rasuwa and Tatopani border points two weeks ago.

Following the decision, department chiefs of the Chief District Office, Customs Office, Nepal Police and Armed Police Force from the Nepali side and Deputy Director of Foreign Office, Lhasa Li Ulin from the Chinese side agreed to open closed transit points.

As the checkpoint was closed the Nepali market has been affected very badly affected ahead of the festive season. Soon after the checkpoint resumes service, around 150 containers carrying clothes among other goods will arrive in Nepal.

As the containers were stranded at the border traders in Nepal were struggling to meet the customers’ demand for the festive season.

The containers also contain clothes ordered for the winter season. Clothes worth around Rs 10 billion are stranded at the checkpoint.

The checkpoint has been closed since July 8 due to the floods and landslides on the Nepali side. The floods and landslides damaged the road due to which import of goods from Tatopani became difficult.

However, after sorting out the issues the government held talks with the Chinese side and finally it will be opened from Monday.

CDO of Sindhupalchowk district, Umesh Kumar Dhakal said that preparations had been completed and goods will arrive from Monday. He said 50 workers had been readied to load and unload the goods. Dhakal informed that the checkpoints will adopt all health safety measures.

According to the customs office, the Chinese side carries out PCR test of workers every five days. Customs Chief Lal Bahadur Khatri said the goods will be unloaded at Liping Bridge and Nepali drivers and labourers will load the goods and bring them to the country.

On the request of the Nepali side, the checkpoints were closed due to landslides and road obstruction. The customs office said health supplies brought from China had also been stranded after the border was closed.

However, there has been no decision taken regarding how many days the checkpoint will remain open, as per the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply.