Ultra-mod ITPF 3-layer PPR pipes here

KATHMANDU: Intertech Pipes & Fittings has launched its ITPF 3-layer Polypropylene Random Co-Polymer (PPR) pipes & fittings.

“This technology was hardly used in Nepal till now,” said company director Vineet Agarwal. “This state-of-the art technology will save customers from pollution due to faulty pipes and also enable them to modernise their homes at a low cost.”

ITPF 3-layer PPR pipes & fittings are a low cost and dependable medium for the supply of cold and hot water and other industrial — chemical and beverages — liquids.

These pipes and fittings are designed to face the challenging and antagonistic climate conditions for a long time (over 50 years), according to the company. “They are rust proof, leakproof and work easily under high pressure.” Since the inner surface of the pipes is anti-microbial, there is no possibility of microbial growth in ITPF 3-layer pipes, he said adding that the external surface of the pipes have UV stabilizer that protects the liquid it carries from ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Since the pipe has been made with food-grade raw materials and has PPA and LTHA, lab tests have shown ITPF 3-layer PPR pipes and fittings to be completely safe.

Suitability for cold and hot water supply in residential homes, hospitals, offices, schools, colleges, cinema halls, airports and solar plants, pipe networks designed to make use of rain water, pipe networks of swimming pools, agriculture and nurseries, internal heating systems and radiator heating in buildings and health-related chemicals is the salient feature of IFPF 3-layer PPR pipes and fittings.