What they said

“After the expiry of the second programme and after more than clear ‘No’ in the Greek referendum there is still no basis for negotiations in the European Stability Mechanism programme framework.

We still believe that solidarity at a European level or and responsibility at a national level, what each side is offering, are inseparably linked. In other words, without solidarity there is no possibility to help, without solidarity and reforms it’s not possible to go where we want to go. At the council, we will talk about how we’ll continue but we won’t be able to paint the final pictures. I say it’s not a matter of weeks but of a few days. We will see what the Greek Prime Minister will tell us.”

— German Chancellor Angela Merkel

“I’m very cheerless about this summit and about the fact whether Greece wants to come with proposals at all. It seems they have put the old proposals on the table again, if we can believe the reports. The only solution is for Greece to make far reaching reforms and implement difficult measures. The fate of Greece in the euro and the responsibility is in Athens, not here. The Greek government is taking a large risk with the interests of the Greek people.

I’m here to keep up the integrity, the cohesion and the underlying principles of the monetary union. It’s up to the Greek government to come with far reaching proposals, if they don’t I think it will be over soon. The fact is: if the Greeks don’t come up with far reaching proposals, are prepared to implement difficult measures, we won’t be able to help them. Then the responsibility will be with the Greek government.”

— Dutch PM Mark Rutte