In response to Russia's offer of providing COVID-19 vaccine to Nepal, the government has written to the Russian Direct Investment Fund requesting for additional documents about the vaccine.

The government thanked Russia for the offer and sought comprehensive information about the offered vaccine when the 'Omicron' variant of COVID-19 is of a global concern of the hour.

The letter to this regard was sent to Fund CEO Kirill Alexandrovich Dmitriev recently, according to Health Secretary Dr Roshan Pokhrel.

As the letter reads, the government requested for the additional documents about offered vaccine as per the recommendation from National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NAIC) at the Department of Health Sciences. The government further said it would propose the NAIC for further possibilities in regard with import of Russia-manufactured vaccine upon receiving the documents.

"The Government of Nepal is importing vaccine manufactured by different companies and having emergency used listing (EUL) by WHO. The situation of COVID-19 is coming under control in Nepal for now and we hope the situation remains under control worldwide," the document adds.