Knowing that health is wealth

It is said that health is wealth. Without good health, one cannot do his/her daily work. And our college goers too need to be healthy so that they can excel in their studies. However, they also work out or take care of their health to look good among their peers and to impress them as well. They indulge in some healthy chit-chat with The Himalayan Times.

I do some push-ups and drink one glass of water early in the morning. Then I walk to college. In the summer time, I usually spend two hours at the gym in the evening. I look at some YouTube videos on how to do exercise and follow the same. In summers, you get to flaunt your body wearing tee-shirt, and also having a fit body boosts your confidence. So, during summer I tend to go to the gym, while in the winter I am not motivated to do so as one has to cover one’s body parts wearing bulky clothes. It’s all about will power on how you manage your time between your studies and work.

— Dinesh Thapa, BDFin IIIrd Year, National College, Baluwatar

I believe in a healthy diet and eating healthy. Food made at home keeps me fit. However, I like to eat Panipuri and Chatpate though I know they are not healthy foods. I tried going to the gym to maintain my body but I got bored after two days and I have not gone since. As I know I am gaining weight and need exercise, I have bought a bicycle and will cycle to maintain my body weight and reduce my stomach fat.

— Bibek Sharma, BDFin IInd Year, National College, Baluwatar

I do yoga in the morning and drink one litre of lukewarm water every day. I am very concerned about the food that I eat. I don’t eat oily, sour or spicy foods. My friends praise me for my body and even ask for tips on how to maintain health. And I think if you are not healthy, then the daily things you have to do will also be difficult for you.

— Isha Khanal, recent graduate of PCL (General Medicine), Nepal Institute of Medical Science and Technology, Gwarko

For me, early to bed and early to rise keeps me healthy. I drink a lot of water and eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner on time. If one eats according to a timetable and follows it every day, s/he can be healthy. Due to laziness I have not started any exercise but I know with motivation, help and support from family and friends, one can start exercise. I am looking forward to join dance or zumba class to maintain my body weight.

— Remika Rai, Grade XII, Trinity College, Dillibazar

I wake up at 4:00 in the morning and exercise for one hour. I take a bath to get fresh and eat raw gram and walk to college every day. I also work out during the day and I have a timetable that I maintain to keep me healthy. There is nothing greater than health. When you are healthy, you can do anything you like and exercising increases your stamina. It helps you live an active and refreshed life.

— Naresh Adhikari, Grade XII, Geetanjali College, Nayabazar

As I have gastric problem, I don’t eat oily, sour or spicy food. I don’t even eat vegetables to avoid spices at home. I just eat dal and rice. But I eat fruits and drink juice. For exercise, I tend to dance a lot and maintain my body weight. If I gain some weight, then it gives me a lot of tension and I cannot not concentrate on anything.

— Laxmi Khanal , Grade XII, New Summit College, Old Baneshwor