Mothers matter

From preparing lunch to ironing her child’s uniforms to motivating him/her for studying, a mother plays an important role in a child’s life. She also makes an impact in her child’s educational achievement in many different ways. So, what role does a mother play in the education of college students? With Mother’s day few days away (May 6), some college goers share with The Himalayan Times about the motherly influence in their education

I have come to Kathmandu all the way from Itahari to pursue my higher education. My mother has helped me a lot to achieve my educational goals. She is the one who supports me financially and encourages me to excel in life.

She has sent me to Capital to study, yet at times, she treats me like a child and that habit annoys me. She calls me everyday, and makes sure to ask whether I am going to college or not. Though I get irritated at times, I think she is like this because she is a caring and protective parent.

— Saroj Rijal, BA IInd Year, Madan Bhandari Memorial College, New Baneshwor

Whenever I face any problem in life, my mother is always there to help me find its solution. A very supportive parent, she is my motivator too.

But the generation gap between us sometimes creates the tussle. For instance, she does not permit me to study the IT courses easily as she does not have good knowledge about such course. I have to explain in detail about the course and make her understand, which is irritating at times.

On a positive note, my mother takes initiative to find out about the course on her own. And if she deems it to be good, she allows me to join the course.

— Abhishev Khatri, BA IInd Year, Madan Bhandari Memorial College, New Baneshwor

From preparing my lunch to readying me for college, my mother, who is a housewife, does everything for me. She also pays my college fees. Sometimes when I get home late, she lets me in easily.

But there are times when she nags me to study. It happens mostly when I would be taking a break from my studies and watching TV for some time to refresh. I don’t understand why she keeps on nagging me as if I do not want to study. Sometimes, I try to make her understand that watching TV helps me feel refreshed. And at times I simply go inside my room when she starts scolding me for

not studying.

— Sunil Lama, BSW Ist Year, Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus, Ghantaghar

My mother has made me what I am today. She has been fulfilling all my needs since my childhood. I cannot explain in words how much my mother loves me. I am here in Kathmandu but my mum works as a staff nurse in Sindhupalchwok. Till now I have never had fights with my mother, and no habit of her annoys me. I do whatever my mum tells me to do.

— Sajjan Neupane, BSW Ist Year, Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus, Ghantaghar

My mother is a very supportive parent. She supports me in everything I do.

However, I get upset when she keeps on telling me to study, all the time. And whenever I am outside or late, she keeps on calling me until I reach home. I don’t like her being a control freak. However, I know that she does all these things for my betterment.

— Rubina Thapa, BBS IInd Year, Mega National College, Kumaripati

Every morning, my mum wakes up with me, and readies me for college. Because of my mother, I am here on this earth. So, whenever she scolds me, I don’t take it by heart. There won’t be any other person in this world like my mum.

However, there are times when she says that I will face hardships of life once I get married. And I also dislike it when she constantly nags me for going out with my friends.

— Shreejana Thapa, BSW Ist Year, Adarsha Janapremi College, Kausaltar